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Patch Magazine Subscription

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We all need a break from the screen every once in a while, and now we've got the perfect solution! Our A5 magazine is compact enough to take anywhere but is full to the brim with indie gaming news, entertainment, and activities. Equipped with a team of talented artists, Patch Magazine is a stunning accessory which will make the perfect addition to your setup. Our magazines are printed in the UK, but shipped worldwide, so no matter where you live, subscribe to get them delivered to your door each month!

Please Note:

  • Delivery of your first issue depends on the day you start your subscription. We operate in advance and on a monthly cycle from the 25th of each month (UK time).
          Between 1st to 24th - you will receive the next month’s issue.
          Between 25th to 31st - you will receive the month after next month’s issue.
  • If you are based outside of the UK, please anticipate international shipping times. Consider grabbing one of our previous digital magazines if shipping is taking longer than expected!
  • You can terminate your subscription at anytime by logging into your account. If you don't want us to send a magazine that you have paid for and would like a refund, please contact us before the 1st of the month.

Customer Reviews

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Teal Bradley


Jakub Jozefczyk
Didn’t receive it , again

I didn’t receive my order. For the second time. I’m unsubscribing and I will let know everyone know how is it to do business with you.

Hello Jakub,

Please be absolutely assured that we would never take payments without sending you your magazine. I know you reached out on 5 March about this - I do hope you received my reply about subscription timings?

As your payments fall on the 27th of the month, it can feel like you're waiting a while, but that's because you just missed the 24th cutoff for the next month's issue. So, your March 27th payment is for your May issue (being fulfilled tomorrow), and your payment on 27th April is for the June issue and so on.

I hope you understand that you are just paying in advance - so if you cancel today, you will still receive your May and June issue.

I'm so sorry for the confusion and that you have decided to cancel - thank you for your kind support so far.

Best wishes, Caroline

Brandon Perrott
Really good magazine

They are a really good read and are really interesting

rebecca rendall
Beautiful magazine

This is a beauty of magazine, laid out well, lovely colours and printed on good quality paper! My son seems to enjoy reading it so I’m going to say it has good content too!!

Cecile Davis
Such a fun treat

I always enjoy getting patch magazine in the mail. And I'm a huge indie gamer so it helps me keep on top of what's coming out.