"An indie gaming magazine, wow! How do I buy it?"

We operate mainly on a monthly subscription system, but we do sell digital copies and sometimes extra hard copies too.

"How much does the magazine cost?"

Our physical magazines are £3.99 + shipping costs (which varies depending on the country we are shipping to, or if it is standard or tracked shipping). Our digital magazines cost £2.99

"Where do you ship to?"

We ship worldwide from the United Kingdom!

“I haven’t received my hard copy subscription yet, when is it going to arrive?”

We operate on a pre-order basis and any subscriptions placed on or after 00:00 on the 25th (GMT) will be for the next month’s issue.  Delivery of your first issue depends on the day you start your subscription.  For example, if you start your subscription:

Between 1st to 25th - you will receive the next month’s issue

Between 26th to 31st - you will receive the month after the next month’s issue

Please bear in mind that whilst we work quickly, we unfortunately can’t guarantee the speed of the postal service. They aim to deliver worldwide within a week, but we ask you to be understanding of the delays that can occur, particularly for countries that are very far away from the UK. For peace of mind, we’d highly recommend opting for tracked shipping.

If your magazine hasn’t arrived within the month that it was issued (e.g. you haven’t received your January issue in January), we’re so sorry! Kindly reach out to us via contact@patchmagazine.co.uk so we can sort this out.

To guarantee quicker content, we sometimes have extra magazines in stock which are sent out within 1-2 business days and we also sell previous digital issues.

I can’t get into my account - my email is not recognised!” 

This may be because you didn’t create an account when you initially subscribed. Please contact us asking for an ‘account invite’ and we’ll send you a link straight away.

I want to change the SHIPPING details for my subscription, what should I do?

If your current month’s payment has NOT been taken:

To change your shipping address/name on your subscription, please login to your account on our shop page. (If you do not have an account yet, just create one with the same email you used to make a subscription.)

You will then need to change it in two places:

  • Under your "Account Details", click to view addresses and update any addresses or names there. Make sure to also tick the "Make default" option. Delete any old addresses to be safe.
  • Click on "View your subscriptions", click on your subscription number and change your address on this page too.

If you current month’s payment HAS been taken:

Please note that the change of address above is only applied to future orders. If you need to change your address for a order that has already been placed, please contact us.

If you are still having issues with changing your address, please contact us.

I want to change the BILLING details for my subscription. How do I do this?

Please login to your account on our shop page.

Click on 'View your subscriptions'. Click on your subscription number: Under ‘Payment method’ click ‘Update’

A secure link will then be sent to your email address to update your card details.

(If you didn't set up an account when you subscribed, you can do this at any time by using the same email associated with your account subscription).

If you are still having issues with changing your address, please contact us.

“I might need to cancel my subscription at some point, how can I do this?”

You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time via our shop or directly with your bank. Alternatively, if you email us with your name and order number, we can manually cancel it for you.

What can my discount rewards be used for?” 

Discount codes can be used towards extra fanzines, extra digital copies, and merchandise orders.

“I’m interested in joining the Patch Magazine team, where do I apply?”

We sometimes have slots open for new team members, and when we do, we usually announce it on social media. Please check if it is the right role for you before applying!

“I sent you an email but I have not received a response!” 

Our apologies if we have not replied to your email yet. We try our best to respond as soon as possible but please bear in mind that we are a small team and we get lots of messages every day. There is also the possibility that it hasn’t gone through. If your query is urgent, please send us a direct message on Instagram or Twitter. 

“Why should I subscribe if you have digital or extra copies for sale?” 

Subscribing means you can be amongst the first group of people that get our monthly magazines. Single, digital copies and extra hard copies are released at least 1 week after subscription purchases. Not only that, but our points scheme means that subscribers earn loads of cool benefits!