By Charlie

A Guide to Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is one of the most addicting games out there right now; it's a virtual pizza-making adventure that challenges players to run a successful pizzeria. To excel in this culinary simulation game, you'll need a combination of strategic thinking, time management, and excellent customer service. Easy, right?… 

Here are ten tips and tricks to help you become a pizza tycoon in Good Pizza, Great Pizza:

  1. Follow Customer Orders Carefully: Customer satisfaction is the key to success (you’ve heard of “the customer is always right”, right?). Pay meticulous attention to each customer's order and make the exact pizza they request. Incorrect orders means the customer won’t pay and you’ll lose money. 
  1. Understand Tricky Orders: Sometimes your customers can be a little lacking in providing details of how they would like their pizza. This will mean you need to figure out what pizza they are actually asking for. For example, if a customer asks for an extra crispy pizza, cook it twice. You will also need to pay attention to unique characters like Iris, who communicates her order through the amount she pays.
  1. Considerate Topping Application: Apply toppings evenly, either in a spiral or on one side for half orders, to satisfy customer preferences. We recommend purchasing the topping guide upgrade to ensure your placement is pizza perfect. 

  1. Help Those in Need: Show kindness by providing pizza to homeless characters, leading to future rewards and promoting empathy among players.
  1. Manage Resources Effectively: Conserve supplies by leaving toppings off one slice, increasing the profitability of your pizza without decreasing customer satisfaction. 
  1. Always Add Sauce and Cheese: This seems like an obvious one, but we’ve all had that intrusive thought, “I wonder if I could get away with no cheese on this and save the money?”. The quick answer: you can’t. Adhere to basic recipes by always adding sauce and cheese unless specified otherwise, reflecting those universal pizza expectations.
  1. Maintain Customer Patience: Manage your time effectively to prevent customers from leaving due to long wait times. This can take time and practice but it’s important. No one wants to wait hours for a pizza.
  1. Invest in Upgrades Wisely: Enhance efficiency and profitability by strategically investing in upgrades, such as auto-sauce or auto-cheese, to increase production speed. Our favourite upgrades are Daylight Savings and ALL of the topping buddies. Although the buddies are expensive (between 25-40 gems) they save A LOT of time (and frustration).
  1. Tune into Pizza News Network (PNN): Stay updated on helpful tips, resource management strategies, and game events by watching PNN broadcasts. It also keeps you updated on new features in the game. 

  1. Water the Eggplant Regularly: Water the eggplant daily in your shop to eventually grow it into a free topping for your pizzas! 

By implementing these tips and tricks, you'll be well on your way to mastering the art of pizza-making and running a successful pizzeria in "Good Pizza, Great Pizza." So, fire up the oven, and let the virtual addictive pizza-making adventure begin! 


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