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Exploring Other Worlds In COCOON

The thought of life on other planets can be mind-boggling. Whether you believe in it or not it still gives us ideas of different worlds and creatures that could exist. Taking a moment to ponder on the thoughts of space and life on different worlds can allow us to create our own habitats and creatures within our own heads that can come to life through different mediums, for instance, they could come to life through video games and that’s exactly how I feel Geometric Interactives incredible game COCOON came into existence.   

COCOON is all about a world-hopping into different environments and biomes. As you control an insect-like creature navigating through worlds of mystery, you will come face to face with difficult puzzles and challenging boss battles that will leave you feeling on top of the world as you persevere through each step of the game to unravel this cosmic mystery.    

Cocoon game

Whilst this is Geometric Interactive's official first game, it is without surprise that it is an incredible experience. With masterminds and previous Playdead employees Jeppe Carlsen and Jakob Schmid behind the blueprints of COCOON, there was no doubt in my mind that this game was going to be one that would leave a lasting impression in my head. Games such as INSIDE and LIMBO have left their footprints on me as games that I feel everyone should experience with absolutely no spoilers. From the artwork to the sound design, these games are in my book solid ten out of ten games and COCOON is nonetheless an experience. From the fascinating sound design to the animation holding on to your attention, I knew I was along for an exciting ride as I booted this game up for the first time. There were times when the screen would move in rhythmic ways that I found to be so engrossing and when coming face to face with my first guardian I was left in awe. 

cocoon game

It was obvious that when playing COCOON there were similarities between it and other Playdead games. For example, the puzzles in the game left me scratching my head but not for too long. I never felt overly frustrated by them. The challenge was just enough with the puzzle that when I completed one I had a great sense of accomplishment almost as if I had been rewarded for my efforts, something that INSIDE did very well. But don’t let it fool you this game is very different. The tone of COCOON isn’t as dark and they executed the otherworldly mysterious alien theme that the game brings but unlike games the standard side-scrolling gameplay that we are used to from games like INSIDE, COCOON gives us an overhead 3d experience that is still a little suspenseful at times but for the most part, I felt as if this game provided me with a calming experience. A fresh experience that unlike anything we have played before is something that I got from this game. It is as if the team at Geometric Interactive pulled inspiration from games like Zelda with its boss fights and exploration and then also got inspiration from Portal with how you hop from one location to another when solving puzzles, a mashup of gaming inspirations that I had no idea that I needed to be put into one game. 

cocoon game

2023 has delivered some incredible and unique gaming experiences that will stick with us for a lifetime and inspire future games. COCOON certainly fits that criteria as it is fresh, fun, and charming. Add this one to your list of games to check out as it is one you will not want to slip away into the backlog.

Cocoon is available now on Steam, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5.


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