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Who Can You Marry in Wylde Flowers?

Wylde Flowers is a cosy game reminiscent of "Stardew Valley," set in the quaint island town of Fairhaven. Originally released on Apple Arcade, Wylde Flowers combines the peacefulness of a farming simulator with the intrigue of a magical storyline. By day, tend to your farm, and by night, cast spells to create your perfect cottagecore life all while unlocking the town's local mystery. 

As you become acquainted with the locals, you have the opportunity to spark a romance. The marriage system enables players to build deep, meaningful relationships with a variety of characters, each boasting a unique personality and rich backstory. But, who's open to getting to know you?

Wylde Flowers Marriage Candidates

Here’s a look at the eligible candidates you can marry in Wylde Flowers:

  1. Amira - The Compassionate Doctor Amira is the town's dedicated doctor. Her caring nature and commitment to her patients make her a beloved figure in the community. 

  2. Cameron - The Spiritual Guide Cameron is the charismatic leader of the local church. His calm and spiritual approach to life offers a peaceful and reflective relationship. 

  3. Damon - The Rebellious Bartender Damon, the local bartender, has a love of pranks but a heart of gold. His rebellious streak and protective nature make him an intriguing partner. 

  4. Kim - The Skilled Butcher Kim runs the town's butcher shop with a sharp wit and a warm smile. Their practicality and hardworking attitude are balanced by a deep sense of loyalty. 

  5. Westley - The Werewolf Bookkeeper Westley serves as the bookkeeper of Ravenwood Hollow. Having grown up in Alaska with his grandmother, his life took a dramatic turn when he became a werewolf. His quest for a cure brought him to Fairhaven, where he continues to search for a solution.

  6. Giva - The Ambitious Reporter Giva is always on the hunt for the next big story as the town's enthusiastic reporter. Her ambition and curiosity make her a dynamic partner. 

  7. Kai - The Laid-back Fisherman Kai enjoys the simple pleasures of life by the sea. His easygoing attitude and deep connection with nature offer a relaxed and harmonious relationship. 


Console  Nintendo Switch, Apple Arcade, Steam
Developer Studio Drydock
Language English, German, Latin-American Spanish, French, Canadian French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Brazillian Portueguese, Russian, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Genre Adventure, Strategy


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